Thursday, February 3, 2011

Colorful Flowersoft Weeds!

So I was hanging out with a group of really sweet and talented ladies who book a class with me once a month to make cards together.  One of them requested that we use "flowersoft" as the techinique they would like to explore. At first I wiggled my nose a bit and wondered what one does with flowersoft beyond the obvious?  On the other hand...if you don't want to paint or might want to dump some of this on top of some glue and make a card very quickly while looking like a genius.  I like to look as much like a genius as I can (chuckling deprecatingly!) and so I was happy to discover that a very pretty card emerged from the fluff!

Since the card was very quick to make (only after I designed 5 that didn't work!) I decided to finish the inside with flowersoft as well.  Why not??!!  It matched and didn't take much effort!  Yay!

 Here's a look at what was outside my door this morning!  The church is always there... that's not what was different about the picture.  This amount of snow is not the usual...It's reminding me very much of Manitoba, Canada where I spent some of my childhood.  Feels almost as cold too!  (not really...Manitoba is colder!!)

I'm so behind on making cards for classes that I'm going to forgo the usual list of supplies as I might need that 20 minutes to do something!  (I'm not sure it will help!)  Cross your fingers!
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