Friday, December 31, 2010

Christian Sentiments

I'm pushing the time limits of my poor little class schedule getting this out so late!!  I'm going to bite my lip and get 'er done anyway!  I'm sure I'll get better at it!  I have this annoying sense of responsibility to get my guest classes done first...and then I get behind on the classes in my studio.  Actually...the truth is that I'm a bit lazy! (maybe more than a bit.!)

I'm happy that there is a company out there that is putting out quality Christian stamps.  Long time coming!  Our Daily Bread Designs is a Web based company which prohibits me (and rightfully so) from selling them on my website.  They have however, giving me permission to sell after class.  This is kind of Kelly (the owner) as it is a leap of faith for her.  She has given permission before and trusted other e-businesses not to sell on their websites, and only sell after class...and then gotten burned!  This is sad.  We won't be doing that.  The phone calls took a little time however, so no stamps to sell after class this time (didn't order in a timely fashion).   However!  Please go to their website!  It's a great website and has a wonderful selection of what you need!


Cream Cardstock 80 lb. (Xpedx - look up your local store!)
Bazzill Prismatics "Iced Pink"
Basic Grey/Cappella/figaro

Adirondack: Espresso

May Arts / BM93-3/8"  two-tone Pink/Brown Satin
May Arts / X30Y-7/8" Sheer Brown with Satin Stitch

Our Daily Bread Designs: Scripture Collection 4
Our Daily Bread Designs: Ironworks Border

KaiserCraft Pearls Chocolate

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Same Card...Different Stampscapes!

I almost like this card better than the first one of this style...I wasn't sure for a while.  Usually I use my own paper to create cards, that way I can keep the cost down with my wholesale products...but I needed to scope out different paper at Connie's store to find something non-competitive with the picture.  The oval is so plain in color that anything I tried drew my eye to the paper and not the picture.  I finally came across this combo and am glad that I did.  Did you notice the colors look right here??  Me too.  Connie has a lot of lights in her store.  I took over my background cloth and got a good picture the first time.  I think my lights are too yellow.  It's giving me ideas though.

If you want to take this class it will be at Destination Marysville, Marysville MI. (810) Jan.10th @ 5:30pm and Jan.12th. 2 Cards - $15

Silly me had the list of supplies on the back of the cards and now they are at the store so I don't have a great list to give to you. Here are the inks and stamps though.  As usual...don't forget to check out the Stampscapes website for inspiration and fabulousness!

Rocky Peaks - 188F
Scenic Sentiments Sheet #3 Plate 29B

Tim Holtz Distress Black Soot
Adirondack Eggplant
Adirondack Stonewashed
Adirondack Slate
and for the foggy effect I used Colorbox "frost white" re-inker with a Q-tip.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Stampscape Grove

Well...Christmas is over and it's time to live up to my ambitious calendar!  As usual...I want to make sure that the store I'm guest teaching at gets done first...and here it is!   If only you could see how many times I made the centerpiece you would be greatly encouraged and probably feel the need to sweep up all the hair I pulled up in order to make it work!  At the risk of sounding full of myself...the picture doesn't do it justice.  It looks much better in person.  Unfortunately...I don't have time to take camera lessons (got to keep up with that ambitious calendar!)  The paper I used to mount it on is not showing it's true colors and tends to look quite dull here.

I've removed the ribbon on the card and tried to take the picture from a different angle.  This might be a little better. The moss green of the background paper is showing a little better in this picture.

This is card one of 2 cards for an Entry Level Stampscapes Class at Destination Marysville (810) 388-0500 (if you want to sign up).  When contemplating the amount of hair I had to pull out in order to make the card...I did briefly wonder if it should have been called "Entry Level".  But now that all the weeping and gnashing of teeth has been accomplished...I've decided that it isn't very hard.  The hard part was me trying to design a new card.  At this point you might be asking yourself if I've chosen the right too.

By the Bye.....I've always used Glossy Paper by Inkssentials (Ranger Products) because I could not find it's equal elsewhere. is expensive.  Since being introduced to Xpedx by a friend of mine (a national paper supply store) I am happy to say...I have a much cheaper solution and am not quite so shocked when I realize how many pieces I've thrown out in order to attain perfection.  (don't speak up now and tell me that it isn't's finished ok??!!)  Go thou and do likewise!  find the Xpedx store nearest you and buy a whole ream!  250 sheets somewhere in the neighborhood of $20. 

Since there was only one stamp used - besides the sentiment - I made it worth it's weight by stamping it along the inside as well. 


Tim Holtz Distress "Black Soot"
Adirondack: Meadow
Adirondack: Stonewashed
Adirondack: Butterscotch
Adirondack: Pesto
Adirondack: Eggplant
Adirondack: Espresso

Glossy Paper: Mohawk Kromekote C1S - Xpedx
Basic Grey Cappella/Interlude (front & back)
Basic Grey Cappella/Timpani (back only)
Bazzill/Prismatics/Majestic Purple Dark

May Arts KN33

Stampscapes Stamps: 
Maple Brook - 259F
Scenic Sentiments Sheet #1 Plate 27B

Spellbinder Nestabilities - Classic Ovals Lg. S4-110
Antique Brass Brads (I usually get them at Creative Impressions)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowy Winter Cabin

I've been working on getting ready for my first bookbinding class at Destination Marysville...and wanted to blog Something! I had picked this has one of my Christmas cards this year and thought I'd slap it on here!

I love this card...but it is not my design...I learned it from the Stampscapes website. you know... has an excellent archive of projects and tutorials. This was also the first time I tried using white pigment ink to create clouding/fog/or snow - in this case snow. I think I may have used it to cover up a few mistakes too!

Take a minute to check out the Stampscapes website for yourself!!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa's Hat

I've been experimenting with Just-Rite Stamps and wondering if I want to get into them or not. I love this card...but the stamps are so skinny and wiggily that it's easy to pick up extra ink around the edges. I may put up with keep using their unique style, images and fonts/patterns all done in circles or ovals for the most part.

This particular card is for Shannon's class at "Remember When Scrapbooking and More". We had a lovely full class last week on we decided to have one this week as well on Dec.16th 11am.  (586) 598-1810.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Just Rite Christmas

Oh to be a perfect blogger! Maybe I should give up and only blog once a quarter so that I can let go of the guilt of not doing it at least once a week!

What do you think of these "Just Rite Stamps"?? I like them...but there seems to be a lot of circles involved! These brings a whole new set of challenges to the equation. Just how many cards involving circles can one do? Stamp on a circle is also an interesting experience ~ It doesn't matter if you can see through the block...getting it perfectly centered is beyond my eyes! Time to acquire the "Spellbinder die-cuts" made specifically for this purpose! Stamp first and then run the stamping through the die-cut. I'll be purchasing this item today!!! Running a class without this tool would be too frustrating I think!

If you are interested in this class you can contact Shannon at "Remember When Scrapbooking" (586) 598-1810. We'll be running it at 11:00am on Dec. 9th.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tim Holtz @ Cambridge

What a morning! Thank you Times Herald for running such a generous and wonderful article about cardmaking! You can see one of my cards on the front page... Above the Fold! The rest of the article is in their new section called "the Mix". You cannot pay for that kind of coverage! Holy Cow! Thank you Liz Shepard (reporter) and Wendy Torello (photographer) for being such a pleasure to visit with. You made it easy!

If that wasn't enough...they also did a step by step "how to" video on their website. You can see it and listen to me drone on and on if you CLICK HERE!

The next few pictures are about my up-coming class at Destination Marysville.
I called it "Tim Holtz @ Cambridge" because all the hardware with the exception of one piece, and the stamps, are by Tim Holtz. All the patterned paper is by Bobunny and is from their "Cambridge" series. Very Cool hardware and very cool paper!

You could call it a bookbinding class...but that sounds scary and complicated. It's very straight forward and Anyone can do it! Promise! The class is only 4 hours and runs twice.

Here are the details: December 15th / 10am - 2pm / $30
December 18th / 10am - 2pm / $30
Please call Destination Marysville at (810) 388-0500 to sign up

I called it Memento because you could easily place a series of photographs in it to commemorate an event! Try making them Sepia!

I added some gold leafing very cautiously on the torn edges of the paper!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peaceful Stampscape Night

It's a beautiful day outside and I'm off to catch a class at Destination Marysville where Connie has invited a representative of Tsukinko to teach us about their products! Before I go, I wanted to share another card from my Stampscapes Getaway Class this weekend - same store. This particular card reminds me of Saskatchewan and Alberta Canada, where my husband Gerald mostly spent his growing up years. It's barren, quiet, huge, lonely and sometimes beautiful. I would say it was always beautiful...but after experiencing it in the cold of winter with snow and wind blasting you at 60 degrees Celsius....I just can't say know??!! But if I had all my stamping around me and the dog was at my feet, with a warm fire burning close by??...I might change my mind...until it was time to do chores. Yikes....forget it!

With Stampscapes it's almost hard to stamp ugly. Get a white piece of paper and black ink and you're in business! I did mess with this one quite a bit though. I wanted to convey how the landscape made me there was quite a bit of fiddling. As long as my husband Gerald likes it?....I'm good!

Products Used:
Stampscapes Stamps:
Milky Way Lg. -059G
Tonal Applicator-084E
Old Fence-293C
Leafless Limbs-052C
Tall Grass (sm) -254B

Stonewashed Adirondack
Pesto Adirondack
Black Soot - Distress Ink by Tim Holtz

Diamond Stickles
Glossy Paper-Inkssentials
Fragments- Idea-ology Charms - Tim Holtz
May Arts: Silver Cord SM31
Printed Cardstock: US font 12pt
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Starry Stampscape Night

Everytime I come up with an idea for Stampscapes (especially when I book the class!) I hope like heck I can pull it off! I hope I find the tins I want, I hope that Stampscapes look good cut in 3, and I hope the stamps I picked work well together....because I already ordered them!! and I hope I can make a grouping that appeals because the class is this weekend!

I love how this worked out. It makes me wish that I was in that cabin reading a book with my feet up, a warm blanket, a glass of wine and the dog asleep on my lap! and....some dinner I didn't make myself! (but it still has to taste good!...maybe soup).

It's not a Christmas card. I'm not admitting that Christmas is coming, nor am planning for it....but you could use it for one? I take that might make Christmas come faster. I just took the boys back to school. I haven't finished my Halloween classes yet. shhh....

Products Used:


Milky Way Lg. - 059G
Ledge - 054F
Tonal Applicator - 084E
Lakeside Cabin - 147F

Denim Adirondack
Slate Adirondack
Black Soot by Tim Holtz (Distress Ink) This is now my favorite Black Ink (always open to others!)

Glossy Paper (Inkssentials)
Black Tie Bling by Bazzill
Snow Reflections by Favorite Findings
I printed Starry Night in Dark Blue ink with the US font at 14 pts
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pick of the Crop

I obviously haven't embraced the blogger mentality yet!! Events and commitments come one after the other and I drop all the website/blog stuff like a rock! More social media mentality required!

I'm playing catch-up with some classes coming up right now and am going to make it by the skin of my teeth. The card here is from a class I'm doing at Destination Marysville on Monday September 13th and Wednesday September 15th. I'd chosen my stamps quite a while ago and liked them....however, all the fruit in the stamp set were out of proportion with one another and I had to make each card using only one stamp because of it.  I'll keep my eye out for that in the future!

I still have a thing for "inchies" I took advantage of this really cool Colorblocking mat from Accu-cut to frame out my cherries.

Here's a peek of the inside...

 Again...because of the stamp set - I didn't mix up the fruit in any way.  The class is made up of three matching cards - this being one of them - and so I used paper, style, product, and theme to match them together.

Product Used

Squares - 1" S1894L 
Colorblocking Mat A2 - Ju  CB200J

Prismacolor Pencils:
PC926 Crimson Lake
PC937 Tuscan Red
PC946 Expresso
PC909 Spring Green
PC913 Grass Green

Stamps:  Hero Arts CL320 Designer Fruit
KaiserCraft Rhinestones "Silver" SB700 (Clear)
Dotted Swiss Bazzill 12x12 "Pepper" Cardstock (Black)
Bazzill Prismatic Cardstock: Intense Kiwi
May Arts Ribbon: Checkered Black 3/8" AKN10
Glossy Accents by Inkssentials

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lonely Tree

I was digging around in my box again and picked up one I made with a brayer. I remember when I was making it that I wanted to use colors that looked great on the inkpad, but had previously given me pause because skies don't really look like that! But since I frequently color things with colors that don't happen naturally (especially flowers) I decided it was worth messing around with. The bottom color looks like a cove blue - but it is eggplant and is not translating well on to this photograph.

I think I'm going to start one more blog! Trying to determine what needs to be accomplished each day in a small business is turning out to be the biggest decision of the day. I frequently get side tracked by the curse of the immediate, and sometimes wish that I could go to another small business blog and read about what to do next! It occured to me that none of us have the time!!

I've been looking around for some to follow - but my idea of a small business doesn't seem to compute with whats out there. Everything is professional and uptight. I want the poor shmuck like me who stayed up to late glueing things and had to get "readers" because they're having trouble making straight cuts. When I started my store in Anchorage, I looked around and looked around for a plain old common sense commentary on the realities of daily living with a cottage industry....but had little success. I do think we don't have time for that sort of thing. I don't even do this blog properly! Look! I didn't even put a watermark on my picture today (signature on the picture to stop plagiarism). I think I'll call the blog "the Small Business Schmuck!" I've heard that shmuck stands for a certain part of the male anatomy in Yiddish. Do you think that's true?? If it is ... I probably shouldn't call the blog that!

Products Used

* Cardstocks were pulled out of the leftover box!

Stamps by Stampscapes (go visit the website!)
* Ledge - 054F
* Oak Tree Large - 179G

Inks by Adirondack
* Cranberry
* Slate
* Pitch Black
* Eggplant
* Butterscotch

* Stamped on Inkssential Glossy Paper
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

River Cabin

I was going back through some of my cards and came across this one. Sometimes I go back through my stash and say..."What was I thinking?" But when I saw this again, I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful company Stampscapes is! Where would I be without these amazing and realistic images that take you away to the vacation you wish you took last year??

I did use the tonal applicator on the edges of this card (I know the applicator brings up memories of endless tapping and unintended pear shapes!) but when done's just looks like nothing else (you can see my yucky part in the upper right hand corner!)

Other than that, I used a sponge and inks from the Adirondack line to give impressions of color. You can't be precise with a sponge! I'm always careful to include white as one of my colors, and left it on the mountains and the cabin roof. I learned this from Kevin (creator of Stampscapes) and try to do this every time. If you haven't been to the website - you really must go...there are endless galleries, tutorials, and ideas that will entrance you for hours!

Products used

* Inkssentials Glossy Paper
* Various Cardstocks fished out of the bin!

Stampscapes Stamps
* Gulls - 302A
* Cattails - 016B
* Tonal Applicator 084E
* Cloud (Cumulus) - 018E
* Rocky Peaks - 188F
* Cabin with Fence - 144F
* Sedge Bank (left) - 234F

Inks (dye)
* Adirondack / Eggplant 
* Adirondack / Denim
* Adirondack / Slate
* Adirondack / Butterscotch
* Adirondack / Espresso
* Memories / Hunter Green

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Let me just start by saying....I know a great dentist if you need one! One abcess tooth, an extraction and one temporary bridgework later and I'm a new woman! Done just under two hours by the way! She's awesome! Dr. Randa Jundi here in Port Huron - just around the corner from me - is my new hero! I didn't feel a thing....mostly! :)

So here's the last card for Connie's latest copic class at Destination Marysville. I kind of threw everything out the door that I've learned about mulitiple colors in the same family blending into delightful cohesiveness....and drove down the rabbit trail with hardly any markers. You can't tell from the pictures, but I used the dotted swiss papers from Bazzill since Connie has quite a collection at her store. I think I'm in love! (But not as in love with them as I currently am with my dentist!

Products Used
* Bazzill Dotted Swiss / Tahitian Princess
* Bazzill Dotted Swiss / Irish Eyes
* Bazzill Prismatics / Black

* Sakura Black Glaze Pen
* Sakura Clear Glaze Pen
* Versamagic / Wheat VG-82

* Cool Chadow
* W3 Warm Gray No. 3
* YG03 Yellow Green
* G85 Verdigris

* Hero Arts Cling / Blossoms / CG148
* Memory Box / Just Note / B1053
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Copic Blossoms

I meant to keep the second card for my next copic class simple and to stay away from warm colors....but somehow the stamps just wanted to go somewhere else! The blue and one of the greens are hot colors, but everything else turned into a warm color after that! There's a Batik feel to this card that I like and if I wasn't specifically using copics today - I would run in a totally different direction with this and chase the whole Batik thing.

When I teach at a place other than my studio - I get all anxious and stressed because I worry about remembering everything and hoping that I won't forget something vital at home where I can get to that's it for the blog!! I'm so not a multi-tasker!!!

Products Used:

* Bazzill / Dotted Swiss / Rope Swing? (picked it up from Destination Marysville!)
* Bazzill / Dotted Swiss / Sand Box?
* Bazzill / Prismatics / Black

* BG10 Cool Shadow
* W3 Warm Gray No. 3
* YG03 Yellow Green
* G85 Verdigris

* Sakura Black Glaze Pen
* Sakura Clear Glaze Pen
* Versamagic Ink Pad / Wheat VG-82

* Hero Arts Cling / Blossoms CG148
* Memory Box / Just a Note B1053

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Treasure - #1

I had an extraordinary experience last night when a dear woman named Melissa came to my Studio class last night and gave me this fantastic package. She is so talented! You would not believe the care and love and attention that went into this gift! EVERYTHING matches! All the detail and minutae of this artwork (that is what it is!) is a joy to look at and treasure!

It matches!
This matches too!
Look at the little charm!
The blog won't let me put anymore pictures I'm going to post another blog!

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Treasure - #2

Here a some more pictures from the beautiful package that Melissa gave me!

Beads hanging from the butterfly!

Even the book is blue and green!

How 'bout that frog! (green gum!)

This was such an inspiration to me!  Awesome talent!  Beautiful Gift!

Thank you Melissa

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Copic Hero

Just a little double entendre on the title there! I'm always relieved when I get stamps from a store owner to do a class with and something works out! (sometimes I sweat over it forever and Nothing works out!!! I'm a Copic Hero for getting it done!). In this case the stamps are from Hero Arts and the coloring is done with Copic Markers...thus, "Copic Hero" again!

Last night I had an amazing time with all the very cool ladies that came to class. We were laughing so hard that they had to pause Mid-Stamp until the shaking was over. Everyone had funny stories and a great sense of humor and I slept like a rock after that because I truly relaxed from our fabulous evening of fun. I haven't had a shower yet because I dragged my sorry butt out of bed at the last minute to go to work! (here at the studio...I know - it's rough!) I'm feeling sorry for Kay right now because she had to drive home 1.25 hours last night and then get up in time for a meeting at 6am!!!! Hang in there sister!

This card will be part of a class at Destination Marysville on July 19th and a second date of July 21st. She just got in a supply of Hero Arts Stamps - so you might want to check it out!

Products Used

* Bazzill Dotted Swiss / Deep Pink
* Bazzill Prismatc / Intense Kiwi
* Hero Arts Cling Stamps / Blossoms CG148
* Zva Rhinestones
* May Arts Silk Ribbon / Pink SK17
* Button / Hero Arts / CH176 Spring Felt Buttons
* Gelly Roll / Clear Star
* Sakura Black Glaze Pen

* RV02 Sugared Almond Pink
* RV06 Cerise
* YG03 Yellow Green
* G85 Verdigris
* W3 Warm Grey No. 3

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Copic Hello!

One more Copic Card to match my other two using this particular set of stamps. I've already given the samples to Shannon from Remember When Scrapbooking and I don't have the list of products I used. I'm learning that I should really take the time to make more than one sample right away instead of putting it off. The chances of getting back to it get slimmer every day!!

I love this particular set of cards....if they didn't take so long to make I'd have a bunch hanging around for "mail emergencies!"... but I'm pretty sure once I do another set...they'll be saved into my card box for prosterity's sake! (as Marianne would say...."Sounds like too much Work!") to make a bunch.
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