Friday, December 31, 2010

Christian Sentiments

I'm pushing the time limits of my poor little class schedule getting this out so late!!  I'm going to bite my lip and get 'er done anyway!  I'm sure I'll get better at it!  I have this annoying sense of responsibility to get my guest classes done first...and then I get behind on the classes in my studio.  Actually...the truth is that I'm a bit lazy! (maybe more than a bit.!)

I'm happy that there is a company out there that is putting out quality Christian stamps.  Long time coming!  Our Daily Bread Designs is a Web based company which prohibits me (and rightfully so) from selling them on my website.  They have however, giving me permission to sell after class.  This is kind of Kelly (the owner) as it is a leap of faith for her.  She has given permission before and trusted other e-businesses not to sell on their websites, and only sell after class...and then gotten burned!  This is sad.  We won't be doing that.  The phone calls took a little time however, so no stamps to sell after class this time (didn't order in a timely fashion).   However!  Please go to their website!  It's a great website and has a wonderful selection of what you need!


Cream Cardstock 80 lb. (Xpedx - look up your local store!)
Bazzill Prismatics "Iced Pink"
Basic Grey/Cappella/figaro

Adirondack: Espresso

May Arts / BM93-3/8"  two-tone Pink/Brown Satin
May Arts / X30Y-7/8" Sheer Brown with Satin Stitch

Our Daily Bread Designs: Scripture Collection 4
Our Daily Bread Designs: Ironworks Border

KaiserCraft Pearls Chocolate

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Same Card...Different Stampscapes!

I almost like this card better than the first one of this style...I wasn't sure for a while.  Usually I use my own paper to create cards, that way I can keep the cost down with my wholesale products...but I needed to scope out different paper at Connie's store to find something non-competitive with the picture.  The oval is so plain in color that anything I tried drew my eye to the paper and not the picture.  I finally came across this combo and am glad that I did.  Did you notice the colors look right here??  Me too.  Connie has a lot of lights in her store.  I took over my background cloth and got a good picture the first time.  I think my lights are too yellow.  It's giving me ideas though.

If you want to take this class it will be at Destination Marysville, Marysville MI. (810) Jan.10th @ 5:30pm and Jan.12th. 2 Cards - $15

Silly me had the list of supplies on the back of the cards and now they are at the store so I don't have a great list to give to you. Here are the inks and stamps though.  As usual...don't forget to check out the Stampscapes website for inspiration and fabulousness!

Rocky Peaks - 188F
Scenic Sentiments Sheet #3 Plate 29B

Tim Holtz Distress Black Soot
Adirondack Eggplant
Adirondack Stonewashed
Adirondack Slate
and for the foggy effect I used Colorbox "frost white" re-inker with a Q-tip.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Stampscape Grove

Well...Christmas is over and it's time to live up to my ambitious calendar!  As usual...I want to make sure that the store I'm guest teaching at gets done first...and here it is!   If only you could see how many times I made the centerpiece you would be greatly encouraged and probably feel the need to sweep up all the hair I pulled up in order to make it work!  At the risk of sounding full of myself...the picture doesn't do it justice.  It looks much better in person.  Unfortunately...I don't have time to take camera lessons (got to keep up with that ambitious calendar!)  The paper I used to mount it on is not showing it's true colors and tends to look quite dull here.

I've removed the ribbon on the card and tried to take the picture from a different angle.  This might be a little better. The moss green of the background paper is showing a little better in this picture.

This is card one of 2 cards for an Entry Level Stampscapes Class at Destination Marysville (810) 388-0500 (if you want to sign up).  When contemplating the amount of hair I had to pull out in order to make the card...I did briefly wonder if it should have been called "Entry Level".  But now that all the weeping and gnashing of teeth has been accomplished...I've decided that it isn't very hard.  The hard part was me trying to design a new card.  At this point you might be asking yourself if I've chosen the right too.

By the Bye.....I've always used Glossy Paper by Inkssentials (Ranger Products) because I could not find it's equal elsewhere. is expensive.  Since being introduced to Xpedx by a friend of mine (a national paper supply store) I am happy to say...I have a much cheaper solution and am not quite so shocked when I realize how many pieces I've thrown out in order to attain perfection.  (don't speak up now and tell me that it isn't's finished ok??!!)  Go thou and do likewise!  find the Xpedx store nearest you and buy a whole ream!  250 sheets somewhere in the neighborhood of $20. 

Since there was only one stamp used - besides the sentiment - I made it worth it's weight by stamping it along the inside as well. 


Tim Holtz Distress "Black Soot"
Adirondack: Meadow
Adirondack: Stonewashed
Adirondack: Butterscotch
Adirondack: Pesto
Adirondack: Eggplant
Adirondack: Espresso

Glossy Paper: Mohawk Kromekote C1S - Xpedx
Basic Grey Cappella/Interlude (front & back)
Basic Grey Cappella/Timpani (back only)
Bazzill/Prismatics/Majestic Purple Dark

May Arts KN33

Stampscapes Stamps: 
Maple Brook - 259F
Scenic Sentiments Sheet #1 Plate 27B

Spellbinder Nestabilities - Classic Ovals Lg. S4-110
Antique Brass Brads (I usually get them at Creative Impressions)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snowy Winter Cabin

I've been working on getting ready for my first bookbinding class at Destination Marysville...and wanted to blog Something! I had picked this has one of my Christmas cards this year and thought I'd slap it on here!

I love this card...but it is not my design...I learned it from the Stampscapes website. you know... has an excellent archive of projects and tutorials. This was also the first time I tried using white pigment ink to create clouding/fog/or snow - in this case snow. I think I may have used it to cover up a few mistakes too!

Take a minute to check out the Stampscapes website for yourself!!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa's Hat

I've been experimenting with Just-Rite Stamps and wondering if I want to get into them or not. I love this card...but the stamps are so skinny and wiggily that it's easy to pick up extra ink around the edges. I may put up with keep using their unique style, images and fonts/patterns all done in circles or ovals for the most part.

This particular card is for Shannon's class at "Remember When Scrapbooking and More". We had a lovely full class last week on we decided to have one this week as well on Dec.16th 11am.  (586) 598-1810.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Just Rite Christmas

Oh to be a perfect blogger! Maybe I should give up and only blog once a quarter so that I can let go of the guilt of not doing it at least once a week!

What do you think of these "Just Rite Stamps"?? I like them...but there seems to be a lot of circles involved! These brings a whole new set of challenges to the equation. Just how many cards involving circles can one do? Stamp on a circle is also an interesting experience ~ It doesn't matter if you can see through the block...getting it perfectly centered is beyond my eyes! Time to acquire the "Spellbinder die-cuts" made specifically for this purpose! Stamp first and then run the stamping through the die-cut. I'll be purchasing this item today!!! Running a class without this tool would be too frustrating I think!

If you are interested in this class you can contact Shannon at "Remember When Scrapbooking" (586) 598-1810. We'll be running it at 11:00am on Dec. 9th.
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