Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Copic Card

Wow...I always forget to blog. I think to myself...I have to do these ten things. I do that for a few days, and next thing you know. No Blog! I think I better start to do it first!
For those of you who took my class at Destinations Marysville...here is the 3rd Card just in case you want to check details again. By the time we finished all our daisies (sunflowers..whatever) we were very sure we knew how to blend yellow and brown!!
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

CLASS: Copic Markers

This is the last of three cards I made for the Copic Marker Class at Destination Marysville. After introducing alot of material and techniques with the first two cards...I wanted to make sure that we could take advantage of of the last two remaining stamps in the set and still learn something that could be used in the future.
Hopefully you can click on the picture and see the details of the purple daisy a little closer. Remember that we were trying to make sure we didn't have to buy a lot of the Copic Markers to take this class...so what is a technique that you can use with only one marker??
Choose your color...in this case, lavender...and then remove color with the "colorless blender" from the middle of each petal. This takes away the intensity of the lavender and makes it look like the sun is leaving light on the top of each petal by exposing the original white of the paper.

One small, small detail is the pink flower...maybe you can see what I mean on the picture below...just touch your marker on the very tip of the petal and stroke inwards lightly. Make sure you leave no color on the end of the petal attached to the center. This helps to give a little color interest to even the smallest flower.

I hardly did a thing to the inside of the card...I figure everyone will be tired and ready to finish...so lets just add a little something for when you open the card, and it can still be pretty.
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Copic Markers

A friend of mine decided to take the plunge and introduce Copic Markers at her store,
Destination Marysville.
After getting certified as an instructor I actually hadn't done much with them until she asked me to do a class. Needless to say, I've been practicing and trying to narrow done some methods and rules of thumb, that are simple and practical so that those attending can get the most out of what amounts to a fairly large commitment of moola!

This actually isn't a great picture is it? I'm afraid if I go back and keep trying, I won't end up posting...so I'm leaving the photo perfectionism behind.

One of the interesting problems for a card marker is giving up the hope that you can stamp on something other than the great white paper blob. No stamping on fascinating patterns or cardstocks - because you really can only use the markers on a quality white cardstock! Now we have to finish and frame out the card in such a way that the great white blob doesn't take over the picture.

Also, if you want to have success with a class, you have to make sure they don't need to buy twenty markers, 3 sets of stamps and learn 10 techniques or shell shock will take over.

We'll see what happens at the class!!


CL251 "Daisy Love" from "Impression Obsession"
Stamped with "Espresso" Ink by Adirondack
12 x 12 Patterned Paper by Basic Grey
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Class: Spring has Sprung ~ Card 3

This is the last card in my "Spring has Sprung" class. Nothing about the class is hard or complicated, and I hope that it will be good inspiration to keep everyone stamping!

 Click here if you would like to sign up for this class.

I love to run classes when all three cards are made using the same set of stamps...especially if the set is small! That way, you know that if you purchase a set of clear stamps, you already have at least 3 ideas to get started.
Clear Stamp Set: "Natural Greetings" by Stampology ~ Autumn Leaves.
Other Supplies: Espresso Ink by Adirondack, Prism Paper, 12x12 from KaiserCraft, May Arts Ribbon, Maya Road Ribbon and die cuts from AccuCut
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CLASS: Spring has Sprung Card 2

I love lace! Here's some crocheted lace that responds really well to a good glue like "Art Glitter Glue" (my favorite!) I cut the top polka dot mat back by 1/2" on the right side so that I could adhere the lace to the bottom chocolate brown mat. This makes it pop out against the background and allows us to see the details. The two pink butterflies are made with a die cut from AccuCut that I recently purchased.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CLASS: Spring has Sprung

Wow! ...after what seems like an eon away from my favorite hobby...I get to start making cards and having classes again! Here are the first of 3 cards for the "Spring has Sprung" Class on March 23. If you're interested, you can CLICK HERE to sign up.
I feel like I didn't even experience winter - it's all a big blur.

(I'm hoping the new camera my husband bought for me is making me look like an expert!)

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