Friday, February 4, 2011

Copic Flower Overload!

 I need to start coloring something other than flowers!  What else is there to color that has simple lines and open spaces??  It's time for me to start looking.  Pictures of kids on skateboards and teddy bears don't count!  It's time to expand my horizons!  I'm going to look at Whippersnapper Stamps after this!  Maybe Outline Stamps and Magenta too!  I'm excited!

The tinier 3D flowers on the front of the card are the same stamps done with Shrinky Dink.  (What a Name!...who thought of it?  No-one's going to forget what it's called - that's for sure!) I haven't used it for quite a while and I just had to do something else ya' know?  The shrink plastic is problematical because you can't really stamp with Staz-On since the copic marker will react badly with it.  But if you stamp in a dye based won't dry until it's melted.  Coloring on the back of it doesn't cut it either.  I settled for sanding, stamping in dye, drying just enough not to shrink, cutting without sticking my hand in it, shrinking it, and then adding the copic marker coloring when it's fully shrunk. Whew!

I didn't realize I had stamped the inside of the card as though I would be putting it in a card that was longer height wise than width wise.  Nice change though!  I think I'll leave it!

If you would like to take this class you can sign up at "Destination Marysville" Marysville, MI
(810)388-0500.  There are two cards included in the class. $18
Monday Feb.14th 5:30pm
Wenesday Feb.16th 12pm

Penny Black / 3868J / "Portraits" / Wood Mounted

Copic Markers:
YG63 Pea Green
YG03 Yellow Green
Y21 Buttercup Yellow
V01 Heath
V15 Mallow
V17 Amethyst
 0 Colorless Blender (for erasing mistakes!)
C1 Cool Gray No.1 (for outlining the images in shadow)
Copic's Blending Paper
Bazzill Fourz/ Bouquet / 6-665
Black Glaze Sakura Pen (for the pistils of the flowers)
Crystal Glitter Glue (or any glitter glue that is clear and sparkles!)
Liquid Pearls / Petal Pink (for the inside of the shrinky dinked flowers)
May Arts Ribbon / NE30 / ButterCream Sheer 3/4"
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