Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Stampscapes! Card 1

Use this pdf to save this card idea or print it out.  Those taking the class
might like to bring a copy for convenience sake.


My eyes are bleeding!!  that's not really true!  It's just an expression that means I'd rather be in bed and need to close my sore eyes! I've been making a zillion cards (not really true either!) and I can't believe I haven't blogged any of them! silly!  I guess I thought everyone would catch my vibe somehow and know that yes...the cards are done for class!  I guess you didn't catch the vibe huh?! neither!

The hardest thing in the world is making a simple card that still has visual impact!  I know you know what I mean!  You'd think they would be easy...nuh uh!  I worked harder on these "Simple" cards than I did for an upcoming "Sweaty Stampscapes" class (meaning...they take much effort and have more techniques involved!) :)

I realized that I had been stamping Stampscapes exclusively in black lately and!  I'm going to do it in brown!  (go figure!) and almost regreted it when I was stilll stamping three days later!  Can you tell I've had a glass of wine?  Perhaps I should stop talking!!!  I bet your eyes are glazing over!

By the way....My favoritest tool these days is the Tim Holtz Alchohol Ink Applicator.  I've used it so much lately that I had to disinfect it with windex.  It got a little moldy!  Okay, okay...I'm going to bed!

If you would like to participate in this class, please call Shannon at "Remember When Scrapbooking" MI
(586) 598-1810

Dates: Thursday Feb.24th 11am ~  $18
             Thursday Mar.3rd 11am ~  $18

Adirondack / Espresso
Tim Holtz Distress Ink / Old Paper (hard to tell it's there by the photo!)

Stampscapes: (clickable link)
Boulders with Trees Lg. 007G
Tree Duo Lg. 086B
Migrating Birds Lg. 151E (just a corner of it)
Plate 33B / Scenic Sentiments / #7

Bazzill Fourz /Bitter Chocolate / 9-937 (I didn't use this one...but it's close and easier to find)
BoBunny / 12" Noel Stripe / Item 12N2808 / the backside
Basic Grey / Cappella / Mezzo / the backside

May Arts / Dark Brown w/cream Stitch / KN33
Spellbinder / Labels #2 / NEST-S4-162
Spellbinder / Ribbon Tags Trio / S3-150
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