Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Entry Level Stampscapes: Victorian Gold Card 2

(I'm bummed that the gold in this picture looks so brassy....but I'm using this picture anyway so that I can get going on the final I starting to lower my standards???'m just not good at photography!!)

Use this pdf to save this card idea or print it out.  Those taking the class might like to bring a copy for convenience sake.  
I'm looking at this card and thinking that it is not remotely "Stampscape" like...and yet if you look at Kevin Nakagawa's (owner of Stampscapes) work...there is a lot of whimsy as well.  Especially all the unmounted Symmetry Sheets   I've seen folks add fairies, spaceships, planets, lightning bolts, and all manner of seemingly unrelated images to their stampscapes....and enjoyed it all thoroughly!  Why not right??  And although I've always wanted to be Commander Spock on Star Trek making my way through the universe...I can't get my brain to accept Spock in the bushes on my Stampscapes card!  When I lived in Alaska they had a massive stamp store there that actually had a huge collection of  Star Trek images on Stamps.  You'd think I would have grabbed them...but no!  I like the tv episodes but not on my cards!  I'm not sure why....maybe for the same reason I would never buy a uniform!  (I'm a closet Trekkie!)  ...very closet!.

If you would like to sign up for this class - it will be available on the following dates:
Date & Time:  Monday Apr.11, 2011 / 5:30 - 7:30pm
                       Wednesday Apr. 13, 2011 / 12-2pm
Class Fee:  $18

I should probably tell you that I've also accepted an invitation to teach at a really neat store in Troy called "My Craft Room" !!  Some wonderful ladies at Remember When Scrapbooking passed on some of their class cards and my blog to the Joyce the owner of My Craft room and I was lucky enough to get a nice email from her.  My first class will be close to the end of May...more on that later.  I'm grateful for this opportunity but also have little fears (okay...really massive!) about not being able to pull new designs out of my diminishing head space...(I have been repeatedly calling my Kids "Taco" which is our dog...Tristan is not impressed by this).   Anyway....I'm excited and hope that my brain comes through for me and that I will become more creative instead of less.  The good news is that there will be more kits to package!  (yay!!! right Demra??..Demra?....right? you later!..hmmmm)

Stampscapes Stamps
• Plate 32B / Scenic Sentiments Sheet #6
• Symmetry Sheets / Butterflies / Sheet 3
• Tonal Applicator - 084E
• Adirondack / Espresso
• Tim Holtz Distress / Victorian Velvet (love this color...thanks Beth!)
• Alcohol Ink Applicator "timmy"
• May Arts Ribbon / SF32 / Eyelash Ribbon
• Seed Beads and other beads miscellaneous and forgotten!
• Glossy Paper
• Bazzill Prismatic / Hot Fudge / 9-986
• Gold Embossing Powder
• KaiserCraft Self Adhesive Rhinestones / Champagne / RS404
• Brayer!!
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