Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Character Christmas Card 2 (CLA402b)

 Print out a PDF if you would like to see the supplies for this card or keep a reminder

My husband just left to buy groceries....voluntarily...My son got up one day early (I meant to say that) and took the garbage out (isn't supposed to go out til tomorrow)...yesterday he shoveled snow...and my youngest son washed dishes and took a shower!'s the twilight zone!  I'm capturing this moment...embedding it in my brain...savoring the taste...burning it on my eyeballs....oh happy day!!  :P  These are the things we remember for all "the days of our lives!" is the view outside of my workroom! Can you believe it?  Yes that is a church.
I'm feeling especially blessed today.

Now all I need to do to do the snoopy dance is eat chocolate cake and drink milk, while coloring and watching "Moonstruck".  Yup...

I kind of like the inside of this card and wish I had a huge Merry Christmas stamp for it...I would have made this the front of the card. It looks more fun and easier! (right Marian??) Why do I make things so complicated  (there's a song about that) is a video.  I just had to talk forever and point out every last thing so it's stupid long (60min)
I've learned however, that if I try to keep it short and not talk too much it takes 2 days to make...go figure!  I watched someone else's video that lasts 12 min, zero talking, double speed and with great music...loved it.  ...sigh. I'm thinking 40 min.  has got to be tops, you know?  Definitely shows you how to color a pot with a hedgehog in it...just what everyone wanted to know!  Ha!

click picture to print out supply list
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