Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Card Tutorial #3 - Little Character Christmas- Card 1 (CLA402a)

Would you like to print out the supply list for this card?  Sometimes having a binder full of ideas gets your inspiration going, and next thing you taking your stamping supplies out!

I also created a PDF for the "Season's Greetings" top white mat of the card.  This is because I didn't feel like I had a greeting stamp that "looked" like the Christmas bird.  There are four correctly sized mats to cut out and use if you can't find something suitable either.

I'm dying to make an inchie card all of a sudden!  What the Hey? - Why is that?  I think it's because I suddenly realized I'm thrilled to be able to do what I am doing right now.  I've always thought my happiest life would be realized when I was back to owning a store "where I belong".  It's taken me almost 3 years to feel that I could be happy being only online, and being electronic.  Wanting to do an inchie card and looking forward to making a video and a blog about it, is a big step.  Making a decision to fall in love with it, rather than having an instant attraction - is definitely a factor here.  Still don't like facebook, and I can't bring myself to twitter or link...but you got to start somewhere!

So as part of my genius plan for world cardmaking domination, I've created a video to go with this card, a printable supply list and a pdf for your printing pleasure.  I've also been creating a website that will allow you to purchase any supplies you might need to complete this card!  We are hopefully only 2 or three days away from launching it.  It's not large...but as the video library grows and I add more and more product to the website, I'm hoping that I can create a fun online place to be for hanging out with our mutual hobby!  :)

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