Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Card Tutorial #2 Stampscapes for Winter (CLA401)

    I am so happy to be able to have the time and the capacity to be blogging, cardmaking and communicating again!  This feels Good! I'm learning so much and trying to reach beyond the 2 things that I knew and now can say with confidence....I know three things!!  Awesome!
    My last card was chosen because I had prepped for a class that I had never run!  Bummer right?  I hope to make videos of the matching cards as soon as possible.
    I chose Stampscapes this time because I love them!  I went to the Stampscapes website to get caught up and see whats new only to find.....Holy Cow!! Things are hopping over there.  There are over 60 videos made by the Owner of Stampscapes, Kevin Nakagawa.  You've got to check those out. A friend of mine had mentioned he had begun tutorials starting from a beginner's perspective and beyond.  I subscribed immediately and am looking forward to watching them all!  Cool!  Also...He has created a new line of stamps!  More fun ahead!
    Since starting up again, I've been asked if classes are in the future.  The short answer is yes!  However, I would like to dedicate some time to feeling comfortable with making videos, and nailing down and feeling comfortable with our new website that has not been launched yet.
     In the meantime, please enjoy my latest video.  My first one was 52 minutes, and I'm happy to say, I have managed to stop the flow at 30min...  not so easy with a mouth like mine!

Click the picture to get a supply list for these cards.

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