Friday, November 15, 2013

Card Tutorial #1 Vintage Butterflies (CLA400b)

 I'm typing here on my couch trying to decide the best way to explain how I've ended up back in the blogger experience again.  I have a headache!  I've just spent the last three weeks learning how to make a video with the equipment I have (had to buy a new ipad...not that I'm complaining! very pretty!), learning how to export the video, upgrade the video, thumbnail it, post it, get a YouTube Channel...yell at the know...I need more brains.  The art cover on my YouTube channel has zero appeal...for pete's sake!  I don't even know if I'm up to having the "comments" option turned on!  My hand was shaking hovering over the button where you decide if the video is private or public!  Arggghh!
     The months before that I spent looking for store space to purchase and renovate.  What a great idea!...until you find out there are a few factors like parking, permissions, locations, derelict buildings!...I'll find one... one of theses days... and then I'll go back to doing what I feel comfortable doing...surrounding myself with stamps, paper, embellishments and rolling around in them occasionally!  (I've never done that!...I swear!)
     So until I become a store owner again, I think I'll work on learning how to be an online paper person...videos, blogging, selling online (that one is going to take some more work....again - lack of brain capacity!)...and all of that.  You can watch with an objective eye...commenting once and a while and letting me know what to do next.
     I don't think I can be a professional objective person. It's pretty much going to all hang out (discreetly of course).  I've been watching other videos and blogs trying to see what one should act like while taping.  But then you start taping, and you realize that your mouth just starts filling in all the blanks without permission and your video turns into a long monologue with too many details.  I did the whole thing more than once, and edited it trying to make myself sound cool...but it didn't work!  I'm afraid that's how they will be!  Be myself right??   yeah...hmmmm....I think people just say that because they know there is only so much you can do to "upgrade" your public image before the cracks start showing!  (chuckle)...there you are!
     So I'm going to take a moment to see if I can
figure out how to embed my video into this blog and then we'll see if it all works. I've been learning how to make pdf recipes in a different format called "Pages" I'll add that when I'm satisfied I can churn that out properly.
     Check this out!


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