Monday, April 20, 2015

Sit in the Chair and Post a Blog!

 it's been two years since my last blog.  How on earth did that happen?  I feel like it's only been a few months.  I've opened a new store (1 year old now), moved to a new house (about 6 months now) My two sons have their own lives  (with their own ideas - go figure!)...and the learning curve on a new Point of Sale and Website have taxed my poor brain to the limit!  The upside is that I love my new store, my returning customers, my new customers, and all the things I'm learning!! :)  The downside is - I've dropped a few balls while juggling.  Not a crime - but typing this out and writing down my thoughts, feels like an old friend revisited and long neglected.

One of the absolute greatest things about owning a store is bringing in the kinds of products that make life worth living!  Colored Pencils by Prismacolor give me a thrill every time.  It's almost hard to use anything else as they always make my coloring look good by accident, and the spreading around of pigment with a paper stump and odorless paint thinner is soothing. 

So here I am thinking I have everything I need to complete this blog...only to find that I am missing the ingredients list....jeepers.  (left that at the store!)

Not erasing this...not going to wait until it's perfect to post (a  little/big problem of mine!)  So here's goes - posting anyway - and things will turn out over time!


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