Monday, December 21, 2015

Simply Made KaiserCraft Card

     I never thought that I would ever become a fan of stickers...and I don't think I am...but I'm starting to give it a chance - shall we say.  It certainly makes the card go faster - and it definitely adds easy elements.   I'm starting to think that maybe I have two minds about what kind of cards I'm into.  One for sure would be the "takes too much time and now I'm sweating!"  and one would be the "simply made" card that allows you to make several variations on a theme while using up the sticker sheet.

I love, love, love the pinkish paint peeling paper and will not be able to resist making some more cards with that.  Love it!  .....yes I do!

Just another way to look at the product list here.

     And here's another way to look at the card with a "coffee" background and a little distress.

Squeezed out a quick video too!  :)

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