Friday, March 9, 2012

Lonely Loon (CLA375b)

I bet you thought I was referring to myself when I said "lonely loon" for my title! (aha...meanie!) It's probably not a loon I don't want an ornithology lesson!  (had to use the spell check to get that one right)...just read the side of the stamp...yup - loon!
One of my favorite things when making a Stampscapes card is making a vignette picture.  Not that I don't like stamping all over the whole thing...It's just that Stampscapes has so many small stamps that it opens up the possibilities for messing around with the whole card instead of just stamping and doing nothing else.  You get to add hardware, texture, interest, messy fingers from adding gold and black to a irritating things!
Once again...go to their most excellent website!  CLICK HERE!
Want to see some cool hardware and other embellishments?  {Creative Impressions} 

Stampscapes/Oak Row/223F
Stampscapes/Twisting Leaves Sm/275D
Stampscapes/Loon with reflection/262A
Tim Holtz Distress Black Soot

Tim Holtz Distress Weathered Wood
Adirondack Slate
Adirondack Meadow

Older paper...sorry!  Try Bazzill Basics Fourz Palo Verde 5-590
KaiserCraft/"These Days"/P801/History
KaiserCraft/Wood Flourishes/Frames/FL305
KaiserCraft Black Pearls
Krylon/Workable Fixative or any other sealant
Kylon/Gold Leafing Pen or Encore Gold Metallic Ink
Gold Hardware "Creative Impressions"
Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Applicator "timmy"
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